Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes at the Astro Active Centre


Astro Active Fitness Classes are designed and aimed at Adults both young and old to increase fitness levels, promote weight loss and encourage a positive mental attitude. Classes are open to both Members and Non Members aged 16 years and over. Here are some of the classes Astro Active offers: Check out our Class Timetable

Fitness Class Schedule January 2020

Pilates Mat Classes

Thursday @ 8pm

This class focuses on improving Core Stability and strengthen and tone the body. Improve Core Strength, posture, help reduce joint pain, improve balance, prevent injury, aid recovery, increase energy & reduce fatigue. This runs for 6 Week Blocks. Cost: €30 per block or Non Member €7 pay as you go, Member €5.  Places Available book with Lena at reception 053 9236678. Upfront block payment only €30. Please note that block payments will be guaranteed their place, pay as go will depend on availability week to week.

NEW TERM: next block of 6 sessions starts Thursday 9th January 2020 @ 8pm.

Older Adult CHAIR YOGA

Wednesday @ 10am

Thanks to funding in June 2018 from Sports Active Wexford we ran a block of 6 weeks of Chair Yoga on Tuesday mornings. Due to its success we have continued to run these classes progressing from chair to mat. As this class progressed we introduced a beginner class to Wednesday mornings 10am-11pm. Due to the nature of this activity we recommend that participants check with their GP prior to commencing and a certificate may be required for certain cases.

Next Block is due to commence Wednesday 8th January 2020. Wednesday 10am-11am. Cost €30 for 6 sessions. 

Bootcamp Circuit Fitness

Bootcamp Wednesday @ 7pm; Circuit Fitness Monday 8pm

Circuit based class. If you are looking to seriously improve your cardiovascular and overall fitness this class is for you. This is a great class to shed those unwanted pounds and burn calories.Overall workout for the body working at a high intensity. Combinations of bodyweight, freeweight and explosive power exercises. Also a great way for sports athletes to stay in shape during off season.

Every Wednesday 7-8pm €5 pay as you go (included in our Annual Membership, €3 for 1 Month, 3 Month & 6 Month Members )

Bootcamp Astro Active

Mums, Bums, Tums (Mum and Baby)

This class is designed for Mums who have either had a baby recently and want to get back into exercising or who have older children attending school. The class is based around cardio and resistance exercises either using baby as your resistance or free weights. It is suitable for post natal from 6 weeks or 12 weeks after c-section.

Monday and Thursday 9.45am-10.30am. €5 pay as you go (included in our Annual Membership, €3 for 1 Month, 3 Month & 6 Month Members). Join us afterwards, every Thursday, for a complimentary Tea/Coffee upstairs in our Cafe area.

read more>>>mums-bums-and-tums-class


The main focus of this class is on fat-reduction/skin tightening and muscle firming. It is an overall workout of Cardio and Muscular Endurance. This class will increase your fitness levels and help you loose weight. Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm. €5 Pay as you go (included in our Annual Membership, €3 for 1 Month, 3 Month & 6 Month Members)


Our over 50’s class, is suitable for any level of ability. A gentle stretching class using dynabands and light exercises, helps improve flexibility and overall muscle strength. This class can help as part of a weight loss program. This class is also suitable for ‘Mums to be’ or as part of a rehabilitation program.* (Doctors clearance will be required)

Flexistretch every Thursday 11am-12pm, costs €3 per session or book of 12 sessions €30 or Included in our Annual Membership only €150

Personal Training

One to One Fitness Sessions. Personalised programs to suit individual needs, whether you are beginner or advanced, want to improve or maintain fitness levels. Cost: €80 6 sessions. We also can book Group Sessions (max 3 people €15 per session). read more>>

JANUARY PERSONAL TRAINING SPECIAL OFFER: 8 PT sessions for the price of 6!!! Book Now!!

As well as our own services on offer the Astro Active Centre also makes our facilities available for hire to groups wishing to participate in a range of sports and activities. Groups regularly participate in the following sports and activities at the Astro Active Centre:

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Dance/Ballet
  • Special Olympics
  • Gymnastics
  • Gaelic Games
  • Hockey
  • Irish Dancing
  • Soccer (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Tae Kwondo

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