Day Care – Beech Haven

Beech Haven Day Care


Beech Haven Day Care has been running at its present purpose built centre since April 1997. Originally it was run from temporary accommodation in Loyola from its inception in Dec 1995. The service caters for the retirement group in CWCW (E) Ltd., which amounts to 14 people at present. The age span is from late 40’s to the 70’s. Quite a number of the group were previously in either the workshop or St. Anthony’s, but some people have come from different parts of the county.

The service users have a good time doing arts and crafts, cookery and gardening. All enjoy sessions of dancing, exercise, Sonas and participate in some sports activity. We have golf, pitch ’n’ putt, horse riding, bowling, bocce and a motor activities programme available to the service users. A mini-bus is available and the service users enjoy lots of social outings, varying from trips out for morning coffee to day trips to places of local interest and beauty. Such trips include as favourites: Rathwood, Kennedy Park, the Hook Lighthouse, St. Mullins to name but a few. We also visit on occasion pet farms and the favourites would be Yola Farmstead and Ballykeenan Pet Farm. Some of the places we like to visit for morning coffee include the Heritage Park, the local 1798 Centre, and Kilcannon Garden Centre. As part of the emphasis on healthy living service lovers love to get out walking in the local area, weather permitting.

Beech Haven has been well represented in Special Olympics over the years with athletes representing our centre at all levels of competition up to national and world games, where they have earned many medals for their endeavours.