Miracle-Gro Patch MagicMiracle-Gro Patch magic

This is the patching mix that takes care of the seed for you.

This product contains coir which acts as a top soil that is super absorbent and that can absorb 8 times its weight in water like a sponge and it expands 4 times its volume to surround the seeds in a moist, protective layer.

Results should be seen 28 days after planting.

When the miracle-gro turns to a lighter brown, add water until it turns to a darker brown.

To use simply just lift the cap and shake onto the patch you want to cover/ re-grow.

Miracle-Gro Lawn ThickenerMiracle-Gro Lawn thickener

This product threats 20 square metres.

You can use this anytime between March and September.

To use miracle-gro lawn thickener, closely mow the lawn removing any chippings, rake the ground then while removing any debris, scatter a large handful per square metre, spread evenly and lightly rake the seed and feed into the soil, finally water the treatment.

This should thicken up your lawn by 50%.

Keep the soil moist for the first couple of weeks. Trim the grass when is its reach’s about an inch and a half tall. When mowing your lawn try to avoid cutting no more than a third in growth at any time.

Miracle-Gro Lawn Food

Miracle-Gro Lawn FoodThis 1kg products treats up to 100 square metres.

If using a watering can of 4.5 litre, use 15ml of this product, this treats 2.5 square metres, 40 cans + 100m2.

If using the miracle-gro feeder, 1 feeder should take a 500g sachet which treats 100m2.

Apply this product as evenly as possible while walking up and down your lawn. When you have finished using it reseal the pack and store in a dry place and wash hands after use.

to make sure your lawn is greener and richer throughout the season apply this product once a month from early Spring to the Autumn.

Results should be see in just 5 days.

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