St Anthonys Pre School

St Anthonys Pre School

St Anthony’s Pre School is an Early Intervention preschool for children with special needs.

  • Qualified staff to support children with special needs
  • Multi Disciplinary Team
  • Fully equipped, safe secure environment

Qualified staff to support children with special needs

At present this Early Intervention St Anthonys Pre School is fully funded by the HSE and in accordance with regulations operates as a fully registered Sessional Pre-School four mornings per week catering for the various needs of ten children and staffed by a Play Leader and two Care Assistants. All children who attend have been referred from the various HSE professionals. The Liaison Nurse Coordinator for Children with Learning Disability is the link between the professionals, parents and the Pre-School.

Multi Disciplinary Team

St Anthonys Pre SchoolEach child’s physical, emotional, cultural, intellectual and social development is enhanced and encouraged in a caring and balanced way. We ensure that all children have equal access to resources and equipment. To cater for each child’s needs, an Individual Plan is put into place with the guidance of a professional Multi Disciplinary Team and this may include Speech and Language Therapist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist and Community Childcare Worker, as required. The Pre-School conducts reviews organised by the HSE with the appropriate members of the Early Intervention Team. This ensures that each child’s needs are being met and that when a child leaves the service, parents are happy to send their children to the next level of education, whether this is mainstream national school, special national school or special units attached to mainstream national schools eg. Autism Units.

Fully equipped, safe secure environment

The Pre-School offers an extensive and enjoyable programme in a safe, caring, planned and fully equipped environment with a fully equipped Outdoor Play Area. This outdoor environment provides a range of developmentally appropriate, challenging and enriching experiences for all the children regardless of their needs. The safe surface enhances the experiences of the child and enables them to feel safe while climbing the frame and slide equipment. The outdoor area also has swings, a spring rocker and room for other activities including ball play, water play, running, tricycle riding and group play. It is the policy of the Pre-School that all staff demonstrate sensitivity, warmth and positive regard for all the children and their parents while maintaining confidentiality at all times.

When children are of age to leave the pre-school we work in partnership with families and other service providers such as St Patrick’s special school enniscorthy.


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