Sunday Lunch & Wexford Fireworks

Sunday Lunch 15.10.17

Our focus is on our clients, customers, volunteers and support staff, so we picked up 100+ Tickets to save you time from driving down to Wexford. Tickets are available from Sunday 12:30

Cream of Carrot & Apple Soup €4.50
Shrimp Cocktail, Thousand Island dressing €4.50

* * *

Slow Roast Irish Beef, Served with Crisp Yorkshire pudding, Rich Roast Gravy & Creamed Horseradish €11.50
Baked Mediterranean Style Cod, Rocket & Sundried Tomato Tapenade & Toasted Pine nut, Lemon Velouté drizzle €11.50
Crispy Fried Herb Crusted Chicken Breast, Tarragon, Grain Mustard & Mushroom Demi glaze €11.50
Oriental Stir-fry of Asian Vegetables Tossed with Egg Noodles,Sesame, Ginger & Soya dressing €11.50


* * *


All served with
Creamed Potato / Roast Potato
Melody of Steamed Garden Vegetables

* * *

Desserts €4.50

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