Kilcannon Garden Centre & Restaurant

Kilcannon Garden Centre

& Restaurant

Kilcannon Garden Centre, Enniscorthy

Open Daily

Monday- Saturday 9am-5.00pm

Closed Sunday

Kilcannon Garden Centre stocks everything that you need to create a perfect designer garden all year around.

In addition we provide

    • Landscaping Service
    • Plant propagation
    • Vocational training

Kilcannon Garden Centre and Restaurant also provides a few additional services:

  • Plant Finder Service for Customers
  • Delivery free of charge in the greater Enniscorthy area
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Gardening Talks to local groups and organisations
  • Radio show on South East Radio

Kilcannon Industries

Kilcannon Industries was established in 1983 as a sister company of CWCW(e). This venture was aimed at providing further employment opportunities in a commercial environment and on an integrated basis for those who had progressed beyond the services on offer in Bellefield. We also offer equal employment opportunities in Bellefield Design, Astro Active and ‘Salt n Pepper’.

Summer @ Kilcannon Garden Centre