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Day CareSt. Anthony’s Unit

Day Care Services

St. Anthony’s Unit was set up in 1981 as a day activity centre to cater for people with moderate intellectual disabilities. Today the unit provides a day service to 35 adults. Within the unit they strive to encourage service users to achieve independence in a variety of areas by providing appropriate training and support. A holistic, person centered service is provided. Each individuals needs are identified through assessment and consultation and the service then strives to provide appropriate supports to enable the individual to acquire new skills and increased independence. An enormous emphasis is placed on encouraging and developing community presence and participation.

Service users avail of a number of facilities / amenities within the community including the local swimming pool, the library, GP, dentist, local shops and restaurants as well as local and national attractions and events. Following assessment, service users graduate from school to St. Anthony’s Unit. This assessment process involves the individual, their parents/guardians, schoolteacher, Liaison Nurse Counsellor and other members of the multi-disciplinary team. A period of “work experience” is always encouraged to allow for a smooth transition to take place. This helps the person to become familiar with the new surroundings and also provides staff with an opportunity to get to know the individual and identify any additional resources which may be required.

A variety of activities are available during the day including:

  • Literacy and numeracy skills
  • Domestic skills
  • Independent living skills
  • Arts and crafts
  • Computer skills
  • Horse riding
  • Gardening
art class

Art Class

Art Classes Our clients are involved in every step of art projects and following much deliberation it was agreed that ...
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St. Anthony’s Outings Participating in outings is an element of the program which appeals to everyone. Service Users are encouraged ...
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Sport There is an enormous involvement in sports and Special Olympics within the unit. Swimming, horse riding, bowling, bocce, basketball, ...
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Computer Skills

Computer Skills

Computer Skills Computers are used to support Augmentative Communication Techniques that the service users have. One such system is “Boardmaker” ...
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