Framed Jersey

framed rugby jerseyFramed Jersey



At Bellefield Design we have a number of styles for your Framed Jersey. We frame any sports jersey from soccer to rugby, running to cycling, new to old, signed to unsigned. Each framed jersey is made secure in the frame before been sealed up. When ordering your Framed Jersey we give a number of options to make your jersey a master piece.

  • Choice of Frame
  • Choice of Colour Mount
  • Caption/Picture Cut-Out


Choice of Frame

At Bellefield Design we carry a large range of high quality frames for you to choose from. These frames allow you to make a selection that best suits to the surroundings in your home, office, sports club or where ever it is that you choose to put your Jersey Presentation. Soon we will be hoping to create a cabinet for your Framed Jersey allowing you to change the jersey in it much easier if needed.

Choice of Colour Mount

At Bellefield Design we also carry a large range of choices in colour mount board which again allows you to make a selection of colour which suits your frame, your jersey and theme it with your clubs colours. Choose from single, double or triple mount effect on your Framed Jersey.

Caption/Picture Cut-Out

The option of a caption cut-out allows you to add dates and events to your Framed Jersey or if been presented to someone allows for a personal message to be inserted. If you have a match day programme, match tickets, team photo or race day number that you would like to add into your framed jersey this is possible. If its a race day top and you have a medal and race number these can all be framed together with the option of a caption box stating the race, date and time in which you done it.

And as always we offer

High Quality Finish

At Bellefield Design we only use the best quality raw materials to produce your frame. Every Framed Jersey is made one at a time meaning it can be monitored from start to finish ensuring the highest quality of finish. Each frame when assembled is then reviewed to ensure the corners are perfectly joined, that the glass is secure, the medals are square and that you the customer is completely satisfied.

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We are also part of C.W.C.W.E  which is a great organisation in the local community.