Fertilisers are the products that help to feed plants?
Fertiliser gives the plant extra nutrients to grow strong and produce fruit, vegetables or flowers
In general fertilisers are either liquid or granular (powder) and are suited to different types of plants. Bedding plants with fibrous roots can absorb liquid feeds easily, while shrubby plants and trees are better able to absorb granular feeds.

One Soluble


One (Soluble) Exceptional growth in 1 week. This product provides rapidly available nutritive elements to produce healthy exuberant plants. The ...
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J.Arthur Bowers

J.Arthur Bowers produces a wide range of products to fertilise your plants in a way to make them grow to ...
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Miracle-Gro all purpose This products grows plants twice as big. Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants.. Perfect for pots & ...
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Doff Multi purpose feed


Doff Rose Feed This 1 litre bottle can make up to 300ltrs. Encourages healthy growth and promotes large blooms. Shake ...
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