Lawn Care

lawn careLawn care

We provide tool’s and equipment suitable to maintain your grassed areas? There are many different products that can be used on grass from fertilisers to help growth to weed killers which will only kill selected weeds in the lawn also seed to re-sow areas and specific tools that improve the maintain the grass.

SureStart Finest grass

West-Land SureStart

SureStart Tough Grass Lawn Seed This 1 kg box treats up to 30 square metres. The lawn seed can be ...
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Doff Lawn feed

Doff Lawn Feed

Doff Lawn Feed This 1 litre bottle treats up to 250 square metres. This is a fast acting lawn seed ...
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West-Land After-cut

After-Cut All in One This 2.8 kg tub treats 80 square metres. Apply this product in early April and then ...
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Miracle-Gro Patch Magic This is the patching mix that takes care of the seed for you. This product contains coir ...
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Ever-Green Complete 4 in 1 This 3.5kg pack treats 100 square metres. You can apply this product to lawns at ...
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