Grasses are architectural plants that add structure to our gardens, they can be large and look amazing like the Pampass Grass Cortaderia sellona or be small and elegant like the Black Grass Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’. Either way they add a modern sophisticated element to any garden.

Cream & Green Phormium

Cream & Green Phormium This is an evergreen grass that is yellow-green in the Summer and is striped all seasons ...
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Pampass Grass – Cortaderia sellona

Is a large clump forming evergreen large grass that has long lasting white silky feather like plumes of flowers in summer. It can grow 3m high and spread to 1.5m, it is extremely hard and has virtually no pests or disease. It can be pruned back in winter and old leaves and flower spikes removed. It likes to be planted in fertile well drained soil in full sun. The variety ‘Rosea’ has pink flower plumes and the variety ‘pumilla’ is dwarf growing only to 1m high and 1.5m wide suitable for the smaller garden.

Black Grass – Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’

This valuable grass has year round black foliage. It has beautiful purple flowers in summer followed by shiny black fruits. It is generally pest and disease free but slugs can do some damage to it so keep an eye out for these and treat accordingly. It grows 0.5m high and 0.5m wide so is useful in rockeries, edges or borders and in beds, in containers, on banks and slopes. It is low maintenance and grows well in fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun or semi shade.

Flax or New Zealand Flax –Phormiums

These plants are clump forming with evergreen foliage. They are available in a variety of colours and brighten any container or garden bed. When mature they produce panicles of flowers in summer. While they are generally pest and disease free they can suffer from Phormium mealy bug, which can be treated with a suitable bug killer. They are extremely low maintenance just remove any dead leaves or flower spikes in spring. They can reach a height of 4m and spread to 2m depending on the variety. Grow in fertile well drained soil in full sun.

Angels Fishing Rod – Dierama

This beautiful elegant plant has arching flower stems that bear bell shaped flowers in summer. It’s liner green leaves are year round evergreen. It is generally pest and disease free just watch out for slugs when young and in can suffer from rot if the ground is too wet. It can grow 0.8m high and 0.4m tall. It likes to grow in moist but well drained fertile soil in full sun.


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