Plants for Acid Soil

Plants for acidic soilPlants for Acid Soil

Plants for acid soil need a soil pH (external link to ph) of at lease 5.5 to 6.5 pH. This is a soil that is lime free, or known as Ericaceous.

They come in a variety of shapes sizes and colours.They can be large like the Camellia with beautiful flowers in late Spring or ground cover plants like Heathers which have beautiful flowers in either Winter/Spring or Realto Rose webSummer/Autumn. All of which have year round evergreen foliage.

  • Heathers – Erica and Calluna
  • Camellia
  • Rhododendron
  • Pieris

We stock a variety of plants for acid soil here in Kilcannon Garden Centre. Also you should check out our range of plants for shade we have available.

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Rhododendron The Rhododendron is an evergreen shrub that can have different colour flowers depending on the plant you buy. Dark ...
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Heather Heathers are an evergreen plant that can be bought in different colours. The heather is an acid plant which ...
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Valley Valentine

Valley Valentine The valley valentine is an evergreen shrub with maroon-red flowers in the spring. The valley valentine prefers acidic ...
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Pieris Ralto

Pieris Ralto This is an excellent evergreen shrub.The Pieris Ralto has a dark reddish flower with dark green leaves. The ...
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Pieris Purity

Pieris Purity Evergreen plant with a white flower in Spring. This plant prefers acid soil to grow to its full ...
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Camellia   The camellia plant is an evergreen plant which produces a beautiful white flower in Spring. This plant is ...
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Katsura This is an excellent evergreen shrub with light pink flowers in spring and dark green leaves year round. The ...
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Magnolia This plant is a beautiful spreading plant with fragrant flowers that are a purple-pink in colour. This plant has ...
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Skimmia This is an evergreen plant with dark green leaves and berries. It is a beautiful flower with nice smelling ...
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