Plants for shade

shade plantsPlants in Shade

These plants love to grow in the shade. They are happiest in full or semi shade and will thrive where others struggle.

Plants for shade can be year round evergreen shrubs like the Spotted Laurel (Aucuba japonica) which has beautiful bright variegated yellow and green foliage with beautiful red bright berries in autumn/winter.

The herbaceous perennials like the Hosta with beautiful blue flowers. The climbers like the Hydrangae petiolaris. The ground cover like the evergreen Vinca which also has beautiful blue or purple flowers.

• Spotted Laurel – Aucuba Japonica
• Viburnum tinus
• Mahonia
• Hydrangae petiolaris
• Vinca


Mahonia The mahonia is an evergreen plant with dark green foliage. A mahonia can grow in full shade or semi ...
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Viburnum This plant is a year round evergreen with an attractive white fragrant flowers in Winter/Spring. Ideal for semi-shade. Aphids ...
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Vinca This is an evergreen perennial with dark purple flowers and dark green leaves. Great foliage all year around. Ideal ...
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Spotted Laurel- Aucuba

Spotted Laurel- Aucuba Spotted Laurel- Aucuba The male plant does not produce berries but the female plant does as long ...
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We stock a variety of plants in shade here in Kilcannon Garden Centre. Also check out our wide variety of shrubs we have available.  We are part of the Community Workshop.