Trees are the lungs of the world

But trees are not only the lungs of the world by giving us oxygen to breathe, but they also provide us with food, shelter, medicine and tools. They provide us with a peaceful and beautiful environment.

They also shelter native animals, birds, and insects. They are the most prominent feature in the garden and are beautiful majestic additions to any garden.

  • From the magnificent Oak to the humble weeping Cottoneaster we have a great selection of trees to suit any size garden. From amazing foliage, decorative bark, flowers, fruit, stunning autumn foliage and winter silhouette trees bring a range of interests to the garden throughout the year.
  • Decorative Bark – Acer Griseum, Betula utilis var Jacquemontii
  • Flowers – Flowering Cherry (prunus), Ornamental Crab (Malus), Pink Hawthorn (Crataegus Paul’s Scarlet), Red Horse-chestnut ( Aeschylus x carnea Brotti), Tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) Magnolia
  • Fruit – Ornamental crab apples (malus) edible apples and medlar, pears, cherries, plums, hazelnuts
  • Autumn foliage – Japanese maples (Acer), Liquidambar, Dogwood (Cornus)

Trees are great to add structure to your garden, we have a brilliant selection just call in and see our beautiful cherry blossoms and ornamental crab apple trees.

Our range of trees come in a variety of heights and have eye-catching colourful foliage, flowers and stems. Speak to our horticulturists about the best trees to suit your garden.

arbutus unedo, strawberry tree, killarney, land bridge, brittany

Arbutus unedo – Strawberry Tree

Arbutus unedo Strawberry Tree - Arbutus unedo Height: 8m (26ft) Spread: 8m (26ft) Flower Colour: White (autumn) Fruit: Red to ...
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Weeping Birch Tree

Weeping Birch Tree The Weeping Birch Tree a deciduous tree that is brown in the Spring with green foliage in ...
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Mountain Ash Trees

Mountain Ash Trees These are a beautiful mid-sized tree for your garden. In the Summer they have beautiful flower blossoms ...
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Ornamental Crab Apple Trees

Ornamental Crab Apple Trees Ornamental Crab Apple Trees are a beautiful addition to any garden . They are a mid-sized ...
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Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry Blossom Trees Beautiful cherry blossom trees are a must in every garden from pure white to dark pink flowers ...
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Forsythia - Buy Forsythia


Forsythia Forsythia is a beautiful yellow flowering shrub that is a spectacular vibrant yellow splash of colour in the garden ...
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Katja Apple Tree

Malus Apple Tree Katja

Malus Apple Tree Katja Red Eating Apple Suitable for all soil Soft and Juicy - early Septermber Malus domestica, apple ...
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Wedding Cake Tree

Cornus controversa Variegata

Cornus controversa Variegata The Cornus controversa Variegata is also known as the Wedding Cake Tree Full view of a cornus ...
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