Gardening for Kids

kids gardeningGardening for Kids

The whole family can share the joy of gardening. Entertain your children with a range of educational activities:

Gardening facts – fascinating facts for the most curious minds.

Projects at home – lots of fun projects you can do with your children.

Plants to try – inspire your children with these easy-to-grow plants.

King of the Elf's

King of the Elf’s

New Competition - King of the Elf's Do you have what it takes to make an Elf! We are running ...
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How Dirt Makes You Happy

How Dirt Makes You Happy: Antidepressant Microbes in Soil By Bonnie L. Grant - Gardening Know How Prozac may not ...
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Bird Box's

Bird Box’s

Bird Box's Bird Box's in your garden bring color, elegance and wildlife back into your garden. These bird box's are ...
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Lemon Peels

What to do with Lemon Peels - Health Lemon have so many nutritional factors that we recommend a good intake ...
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kids gardening

Grow It, Eat It

Grow It, Eat it. Here’s a fun way to give your students an edible botany lesson. It’s one that can ...
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Wedding Cake Tree

The Magic Gardener – Plant Watering Tips

The Magic Gardener - Plant Watering Tips - Indoor Plant Care You WON’T Believe Why This Man Is Pouring Water ...
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Gardening for Kids

Kids Gardening

Kids Gardening Did you know? Seeds The function of all flowering plants is to produce seeds. Once the seeds have ...
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