Loyola is a home to 4 residents and is situated in the heart of Enniscorthy.  Loyola was first opened as a residential house as p art of CWCW (E) CLG in November 2005.  Loyola has beautiful gardens to the rear of the property with a view of the mountains; here the residents are developing a herb and vegetable garden.

The residents have access to St Anthony’s Day Activation Unit located on the CWCW (E) CLG site, during the week.

In Loyola we are proud to offer high standards of service and care and each resident is supported in achieving their personal life goals and to be able to participate within their community.  Staff facilitate each individual in making daily choices and maintaining independence.

Loyola hold weekly Advocacy & Resident’s Committee meetings and also have access to an Independent Advocate.

Loyola aims to ensure that each resident is empowered to make choices about how they live their daily lives the way they wish to live it.

Staff ensure the safeguarding of their Dignity, Equality and Confidence; we respect and promote privacy of the residents, and maintaining relationships with their family, their circle of support and their community.