Roses in the Garden

Roses in the garden

Roses in the Garden

This page is dedicated to the memory of Frances who empowers the belief of the single red rose.

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We have over 50 ranges of roses in the Garden Centre, please CALL IN to see the  amazing colours.

Frances Waldren Somers wrote a poem which stole the hearts of friends and family, because to enrapture the love through the rose is ultimately a powerful thing, which Rose lovers will understand. The poem has different means to many, to some nothing, and to others many memories. We hope you enjoy the meaning.

The Stolen Red Rose

It’s tightly closed petals,
It’s vivid red color,
The solitary Red Rose.

She spied it in the hospital garden,
And plucked it from it’s branch,
The solitary Red Rose.

Who would mind her plucking it,
from it’s branch,
The solitary Red Rose.

With love to her darling,
daughter Ciara in her hospital bed,
she gave the solitary Red Rose.

She placed it in a tall slim glass,
with water to the brim,
and smiled at the pleasure it gave her
a present from her mother,
The solitary Red Rose.

She watched the velvet petals,
open up more and more each day,
until that final day she went home,
And left the solitary Red Rose.

She passed to her friend,
Myself, in the next bed,
before she left the hospital,
The solitary Red Rose.

I watched it one day, two days three
while its magnificent petals,
took different shapes,
from one day to the next,
until the day I parted the hospital,
The solitary Red Rose.

I wondered would I pass it,
To my friend in the next bed or,
Take it home,
The solitary Red Rose.

I added a verse many time ago , which gave meaning to me as time flew on, it made me smile to the passion she had, for the love of the garden and beauty within.

The Bees a buzzing
The flies to flee
The Butterflies a flickering
Sweet memory to me
The solitary Red Rose

Now I need to plant more Roses to memories and beauty within.

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