adult educationTraining

The aim of CWCW Enniscorthy and Kilcannon Industries is to provide a service which promotes and nurtures ability. Staff work with individuals in an holistic manner so that all aspects of someones life and abilities are nurtured. Training encorporates accredited modules and the development of life and social skills. those individuals that express an interest in employment are supported by professionals within CWCW and through liasising with external groups.

Preparing for employment

All sections of CWCW and Kilcannon are ideal locations for skill sampling and work experience placements. Kilcannon Garden Centre and Restaurant provides a perfect learning experience for individuals in a supported commercial environment. The aim of the overall service is to provide training and develop ability. All aspects of the client’s well being are taken into account from health issues to life skills and social skills as well as preparation for open employment.

Vocational Training

InTuition is a specialist training programme under the direction of SOLAS and WWETB. This programme offers individuals with a disability the opportunity to develop their skills in order to progress to employment or further training. InTuition is run from Kilcannon Garden Centre and has the advantage of offering a variety of real work learning opportunities. for example individuals spend part of every day in a ral work setting. This could be the garden centre shop, the nursery, restaurant, office, sports centre, etc. Our expert tutors are trained to support individuals in all aspects of learning and work with many profesionals to ensure each learner will continue to acheive and progress throughout their time on the course. InTuition Vocational Training Enniscorthy (VT)

Government Assisted Programmes

There are several Government assisted programmes, which operate through Kilcannon and help individuals to prepare for open employment. SOLAS sponsor a Community Employment Scheme in Bellefield as well as in Kilcannon. There are fifteen places in total and the CE Scheme is involved in areas of care, supervision and general support to individuals who attend the service. Pobal sponsor the Social Economy Scheme in Kilcannon and this has been used to promote the individuals with higher ability to a full time job within the organisation. There are ten places available on Social Economy and it has proven to be the most beneficial and most positive programme introduced to date.